LDG Z-100PLUS/IC-705 Auto Ant Tuner with 2000 Memories Pkgd For IC-705

LDG Z-100PLUS/IC-705 Auto Ant Tuner with 2000 Memories Pkgd For IC-705

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The Package is IC-705 Ready and Includes The Following:

  • 8 Heavy Duty AA Batteries
  • Icom IC-705 Interface Cable
  • BNC to PL-259 Coax Cable
  • Everything needed in 1 box to get you up and running with your new Icom IC-705

More about this Incredible Tuner:

The LDG Z-100Plus/IC-705 is a low-cost automatic tuner suitable for any amateur purpose, whether base, mobile or portable. It handles up to 125 watts SSB or 30 watts Digital, but requires only 0.1 watts to tune, making it ideal for QRP operation.

While packaged for the Newly Released Icom IC-705, it will work with almost any modern HF Radio. For example, with the use of a Y-ACC interface cable, the Z-100Plus/IC-705 will work with Yaesu's new FT-891 mobile HF radio.

Like most LDG tuners the Z-100Plus/IC-705 features LDG’s advanced memory tuning, providing 2,000 memory locations; when tuning near a previously used frequency it will recall the settings for nearly instant tuning. It learns your favorite frequencies and bands as you use it.

  • Perfect for Mobile or Portable Operation
  • 125 watts Power Handling
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Cost

The LDG Z-100Plus/IC-705 requires very little electrical power. It draws about 200 mA when tuning and just about Zero current when receiving or in standby. This feature makes the Z-100Plus/IC-705 especially suitable for mobile or portable operation.

All LDG tuners come with a two year fully transferable warranty, and LDG’s legendary customer service. Contact your LDG dealer to order.


  • RF Power: 0.1 to 125 Watts, 30W Digital
  • Latching relays for ultra low power consumption
  • 2000 memories sorted by frequency.
  • 1.8 to 54 MHz coverage (continuous coverage for MARS)
  • Tunes 6 to 800 ohms. (16 to 150 on 6M)
  • SO-239 in and out connections for dipoles, verticals, beams, G5RV, OCF, ect.
  • 7 to 18 Volts DC, 200 mA. 6 foot DC power cable included 5.5×2.5mm.
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ L, 5.5″ W, 1.5″ H.
  • Weight: 20 ounces