FSM-IMX415C/TXA_Devkit-Single-V1A Optical Sensor Development Kit

FSM-IMX415C/TXA_Devkit-Single-V1A Optical Sensor Development Kit

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FRAMOS Sensor Module Development Kits

FRAMOS Sensor Module (FSM) development kits can connect single or multiple FSMs and FRAMOS Sensor Adaptors (FSA) to one FRAMOS Processor Adapter (FPA) processing board. These development kits contain an FSM/FSA combo that connects to the FPA through a 60-pin flex cable and includes all the necessary adapters for interfacing to the NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Kits and other third-party development boards. Device drivers and sample applications with source code provide a minimum environment to control the sensor and stream images directly into user applications, enabling customers to rapidly create unique applications, with little overhead. The FSM development kits have their sensor modules pre-assembled with a lens mount, M12 lens, and FSA board. These development kits also include a tripod adapter for easy evaluations. Note: FSMs that use a C/CS lens mount do not include any lenses in their development kits.


  • Up to 4 simultaneous FSM/FSA connections 
  • FSM with FSA, lens mount and M12 lens (where applicable) already assembled 
  • 150mm flex cable 
  • Tripod adapter 
  • FPA for specific off-the-shelf third-party processing board 
  • Software downloads for NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 and NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ Developer Kits that include: 
    • Device drivers for MIPI CSI-2 supporting image streaming and sensor control 
    • Basic color image processing 
    • Source code and software build environments