RigExpert AA-1400 Antenna Analyzer - 0.1 to 1400 MHz

RigExpert AA-1400 Antenna Analyzer - 0.1 to 1400 MHz

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The RigExpert AA-1400 is a powerful antenna analyzer designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines.

Graphical SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and impedance, as well as Polar chart displays are key features of these analyzers which significantly reduce the time required to adjust an antenna.

Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as connection to a personal computer makes the RigExpert AA-1400 attractive for professionals and hobbyists.

The RigExpert AA-1400 is available in US version (displaying a Polar chart).

The following tasks are easily accomplished by using these analyzers:

  • Rapid check-out of an antenna
  • Tuning an antenna to resonance
  • Antenna SWR and impedance measurement and comparison before and after specific event (rain, hurricane, etc.)
  • Making coaxial lines or measuring their parameters
  • Cable testing and fault location
  • Measuring capacitance or inductance of reactive loads