DEVKIT-S12VR64 Development Board

DEVKIT-S12VR64 Development Board

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NXP Semiconductors Development Kits for MagniV® Mixed Signal MCUs

NXP Semiconductors Development Kits for MagniV® Mixed-Signal MCUs are evaluation and development tools for application prototyping and demonstration with NXP 16-bit S12 MagniV Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers. These Development Kits offer CAN, LIN, and/or SCI connections in a small form-factor board. Compatible with the Arduino R3 UNO pinout, these development boards allow expansion using the NXP DEVKIT-COMM board. These kits feature a 12V input, a USB-powered OpenBDM debugger, a potentiometer, dual pushbuttons, and an RGB LED.


  • S12G128, S12ZVCA, 9S12ZVL32, or MC9S12ZVLA128 MCU
  • OSBDM on-board open source programming and debugging tool
  • USB to Serial Interface
  • ADC Potentiometer
  • Supports CAN Connection
  • Supports LIN Connection (DEVKIT-ZVL128, DEVKIT-ZVL128, DEVKIT-S12VR6)
  • Inegrated Voltage Regulator (VREG) for 3.5V to 20V operating range (DEVKIT-S12ZVC only)
  • Power LED indicators